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Unless you’ve been living under a rock of late, you would have definitely caught wind of the talented, sultry Joyce Muniz. The buzz around one of Vienna’s brightest exports can be felt around the globe; and Joyce’s jack-of-all trades persona is definitely to blame.

Brought up on the ‘Sound of Vienna’ and enjoying a hugely successful partnership with GStone, her work as vocalist on her own, plus an array of industry stalwarts’ productions - including featuring on Munk’s recent album, a single for Cusmos and more - has resulted in Joyce leading the way as one of the main players of the new generation of Vienna. Her work as producer has extended past her own projects to artists such as Louie Austen; whose album she worked on extensively and still considers to be a true test of her skills as a producer. As if that wasn’t enough, Joyce prides herself on being a great performer from the moment she steps on stage, exuding an infectious energy into her audience.

It is little wonder then that, in a mere 3 and a bit years from her entry into the house scene, Berlin’s and London’s top labels Exploited & 2020 Vision would come knocking. The union would bring about Joyce’s first knock-out tune “Party Over Here”, to critical acclaim from both the industry & fans alike. A string of standout releases followed, with “Back In The Days” feat Bam from the Legendary Jungle Brothers; showcasing Joyce’s natural ability to pair the right vocalists with the right tracks, and insta-classic, groove-filled “Warriors” on Exploited and “Sleepless” on Warung Records. Remixes for the likes of Steve Bug, Munk, Shonky, Stereo MCs, Till Von Sein, on esteemed labels such as K7!, Pokerflat, Get Physical, Gomma and Suol have served to further cement Joyce’s standing in the scene.

Simply labeling her as ‘one to watch’ doesn’t seem fitting in this instance, with industry support from heavy-weights Richie Hawtin, SKREAM and Maya Jane Coles, but you would be a fool to take your eyes and ears off the talent that is Joyce Muniz.

In late October 2016 Joyce Muniz released her first full-length debut album "Made In Vienna“ to great critical acclaim.

Quotes on Joyce Muniz’ Debut: Made In Vienna:

The Guardian: "The Vienna-based DJ's new album is a succession of melodic, propulsive, engaging dancefloor grooves, with a pop twist."

Kaltblut Magazine: "The album will showcase the latest evolution of her sound, moving her from the dance floor into a space somewhere between the club and the home, aided by a slew of perfectly crafted vocals."

Deephouse Amsterdam: "Since going strength to strength, remixing the likes of Stereo MCs, Maya Jane Coles, Steve Bug, and Till von Sein, the album breaks new ground for Joyce, allowing her to dive deeper into songwriting."

Magnetic Magazine: "Muniz herself has been on a tear these past few years among dance music acolytes. Joyce's album Made in Vienna is out via Exploited on October 21, 2016."(

DJMag: "Joyce Muniz lands on Exploited on 1st August with ‘Cover Me Up’, the single taken from her forthcoming album ‘Made In Vienna’. The original version features the honeyed vocals of Kat Vinter, but on her remix, Muniz’ fellow Brazilian ANNA turns in a weighty slab of trippy lights-out techno, complete with heavy kicks and rattling percussion.Speaking about it, she says, “The original is deeper and has a strong focus on the vocals, I wanted to make it more underground, still keeping the deep vibe but with a different kind of energy.”

Juno: "Joyce Muniz cut her teeth as a vocalist in her native Vienna during the early 2000s, appearing on countless Stereotyp records, before making her name as a house producer for labels such as 20:20 Vision and Exploited. It's to the latter she's returned on this quietly confident debut album. Mixing woozy, enjoyable house grooves - think powdery, Visionquest style deep house/tech-house hybrids, with the odd darker moment - with vocal contributions from a range of guests (Kat Vinter, Enequist, Human Life and Christa Vi all feature), it's a largely breezy and ear-pleasing concoction. There are enough highlights to suggest that repeat listening will be rewarded."

Mixmag: "Ende Oktober erscheint mit MADE IN VIENNA Joyce Muniz's erstes Album, auf dessen Cover sie sich in einer Kaiserin Sissy Anmutung zeigt und somit quasi ihrer zweiten Heimat eine Liebeserklärung macht."

Tagesspiegel: "Gemischt hat sie Rodney Hunter, neben Kruder & Dorfmeister einer der Mitentwickler des 'Sound Of Vienna' in den 90ern. Warme Houseklaenge machen die Songs von Joyce Muniz aus, fast alle haben mit drei bis vier Minuten Länge eher Popsong-als Trackcharakter."

Zitty: "Wenn man Joyce Muniz eine Weile Reden zuhört, merkt man, das sie öfter sagt: 'Das Eine fuerhrt zum Anderen.' So als waere das irgendwie klar, das aus dem Mädchen, das in den Keller ging, um Uebergaenge zu üben, die Frau zu werden musste, die Kraftwerk adelt.'

Berliner Morgenpost: "Ihre musikalische Sozialisation erlebte Muniz zur Hochzeit des Wiener Downtempo. Auf ihrem Album 'Made In Vienna' hat sie versucht, den damaligen Sound in die heutige Zeit zu übersetzen. 'Diese Wiener Gemütlichkeit trifft auf Deephouse und Groove', sagt sie."

FM4 (Artist of the week): "Wenn ich an Joyce Muniz denke, dann sehe ich sofort ihr ehrliches Lächeln, erinnere mich an ihr quirrliges Wesen und ihre leidenschaftliche Begeisterung für Musik. Die brasilianisch-österreichische Sängerin, DJ und Musikproduzentin hat sich in letzter Zeit immer mehr ins Songwriting vertieft. Das Debütalbum von Joyce Muniz ist, gemischt von Rodney Hunter, Club und Pop, ist Morgensonnenspaziergang, Nachmittagslektürebegleitung und der Beat, zu dem man sich die Absätze stumpf tanzt, ist der Soundtrack für alle Lebenslagen."(




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Joyce Muniz & Kiki - Warriors (Official Video) | Exploited

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