11.05.2016 l Wes Schultz, The Lumineers
Difficult second album syndrome? Not so for Wes Schultz and the Lumineers. With new album Cleopatra atop the charts, we speak to the man who just can’t understand why people consider having a successful debut album creates pressure… mehr
10.05.2016 l How The Lumineers lit up the hearts at Berlin’s Admiralspalast
NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION watched the band play to a nearly sold out Admiralspalast in Berlin last week, and we found a band that actually meets the expectations of both fans and critics, depending what you’re looking for. mehr
27.04.2016 l Exclusive! The Lumineers Won't Chase Chart Glory...But They've Got It Anyway
But while a No.1 is freaking exciting, speaking to band member Jeremiah a couple of days before they topped the chart, it's not the be-all and end-all as we talk new music, unsuspecting success and...Woody Harrelson (..!) in our exclusive interview. mehr
Drei Jahre nach Veröffentlichung ihres Debütalbums sind The Lumineers (die mit „Ho Hey“, genau) mit neuer Musik zurück. mehr